Mac Screen Recorder Studio

ScreenCasting Software to create, edit and produce stunning demo video easily!
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Mac Screen Recorder Studio

Mac Screen Recorder Studio is a piece of professional while cheap Mac ScreenCasting Software. It consists of a built-in unique screen recorder and a fully featured video editor. It provides an easy way to make exciting video tutorials, sales presentations, training videos, etc. And it needn't any professional knowledge to use. It will easily record onscreen activity into a video file, and even video and audio from your iSight camera and built-in microphone. Once recording completed, the video will be displayed in video editting window automatically. Then you may edit the video in the window by inserting video clips, images, texts, background music, sounds, effects, transitions, etc. to create professional video presentations or demonstrations. It depends on your imagination. Once the design finished, it can export to QuickTime movies, or MP4, AVI, 3GP, MOV, H.264, iDVD, DV, and even Audio only.
With Mac Screen Recorder Studio, you have everything you need right at your fingertips to make an eye-catching video tutorial. It is a must-have tool for marketing staff, technical support, and e-learning creator.

Use Mac Screen Recorder Studio to...

  • Record your desktop screen and Mac applications to demonstrate a software along with its features
  • Record PowerPoint presentations, websites, webcams
  • Create interactive training and promotional videos in-house
  • Edit screencasts and create professional quality video tutorials.
  • Produce your video in many formats, or share to YouTube.

High performance Screen Recorder available, Screen Captures Made Easy!

Records on-screen
Captures and records on-screen actions
It records anything happening on your Mac desktop, contents of webpages, captures Internet broadcasts, and anything you see on any digital media in multiple ways using this software.
Export video formats
Export video formats
Export recorded video to MP4, AVI, 3GP, MOV, H.264, QuickTime, iDVD, DV, and more. If you want the video to be high quality, select the QuickTime format using the LAN/Intranet preset. You may also export to an iPod, iPhone, or an Apple TV.
Capture from iSight
Record from iSight & DV cameras
Not only allow you to record video from your Mac screen, but they also support capture footage from a video input source such as built-in iSight camera, even another USB webcam for a more personalized video screencast starring you.
Record Audio
Record Audio
Record a voiceover using your system's microphone of your choice, or use an audio file as a background track. Adjustable audio settings, you may change the input source, compression, bit rate, input volume and several other audio options.
Flexible recording options
The flexible recording Modes
Don't be restricted to captures only the full screen as flexible recording options give you the freedom to record the whole screen, window, or specify your own capture area. You can also choose to have the "camera" smoothly follow the mouse cursor.
Custom Cursor
Custom your Cursor
Support recording screen with mouse cursor, You may select mouse cursor from the cursor list. You may also custom your own cursor shape by loading the cursor your own image and mask file. This is extremely useful for training videos and demos.

Fully featured video editor, Making engaging screencasts have never been easier!

Edit screencasts
Edit your screencasts
Intuitive editing interface allows you to create stunning screencast in minutes. Whether it is to split the clip, combine, cut, scale, extract audio, move or resize video clips. It offers all the editing functions you need to make screencasts.
Text to Video
Adding Text
If you need text to explain something or label something, adding text is easy. There is no that much difference between a text clip and a normal video clip. Mac Screen Recorder Studio treats them almost the same: you can resize or position them anywhere.
Video Transitions
Adding Transitions
Transitions are used to smoothly move from one clip to another. Mac Screen Recorder Studio includes all the standard transitions such as crossfade, wipe, push and so on. It also includes all the standard QuickTime Transitions.
Easily include a picture-in-picture effect in your screen recording. Drag other pictures from your hard disc onto the workbench and let the magic begin. It also allows you to easily work with multiple camera angles.
Video Effects
Adding Video Effects
Video effects are used to adjust or manipulate the image. It can also be used to create special effects such as Green Screen, motion blur, or Ken Burns Effect (Pan, Zoom ,& Rotate). There are 6 groups of Video Effects.
Sceencast Annotations
Video Annotations
Drawing squares, circles, pen, lines and arrows over your video sceencast is not only fun, but also useful. It can be used for highlighting specific things in your sceencast. There are nine basic drawing tools.
Timeline Control
The Timeline is where all your clips will reside. The program uses the familiar timeline-based editor that many other movie editing software use to edit videos, providing a central tool to coordinate the various video/audio aspects of your presentation.
Multiple Layers
Unlimited media layers
Multiple Layers is an important feature in Mac Screen Recorder Studio. It allows you to do many things such as picture-in-picture, text, and special effects. Each layer can contain any type of media. You can mix audio, video with text.

More Cool Features, Delivers everything for designing impressive screencasts.

  1. Easily Inserts video, audio or picture into the selected media layer.
  2. Integrates seamlessly with QuickTime and iMovie.
  3. Support drag & drop any media to timeline.
  4. Add voiceovers or music to personalize your screencasts.
  5. Multiple levels of undo.
  6. Organize your Screencasts with QuickTime chapter markers.
  7. Show the current date and time while capturing.
  8. User defined hotkeys to enhance screen record efficiency and experience.
  9. Clip Mask/Alpha Editing.
  10. Create text effects such as roll credits.
  11. Use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in/out of the timeline (or use the up/down arrows).
  12. Customize and save your own export settings
  13. Export your screencast to YouTube.
  14. Support export to DV camera.
  15. Instant preview to check your recorded or edited content.
  16. Background rendering
  17. Replace the black background with a background of your own.
  18. Color and lighting control
  19. Video composition: chroma matte, keying, hard light, etc.
  20. Adjust video and music volume freely for better effects. You can even mute videos directly.
  21. Compatible with the latest macOS Big Sur 11.
  22. Affordable Pricing - it’s only $49.95 USD.

If you just need a Mac ScreenCasting software, Try Mac Screen Recorder Studio!

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Users Say:
Good possibility of editing, including image cropping and adding text. Thanks for coming out with this product.
----- Kenelm.

So far I have been able to record and edit almost anything I needed to, Captures screen actions with high quality. I really like this software.
----- Brendan.

Works fine for me, It works perfectly with video recording and editing on my mac, Better than any other editor I have found.
----- Caroline.
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