Record Screen Activities to QuickTime Movie on computer running Mac OS X by using Easy Video Recorder for Mac
Now you are working with an Apple computer installed Mac OS X system, and for whatever purposes, you need record the whole computer screen or a selected region into QuickTime Movie clip. It may be for making a training document, or just for recording movie clips from a DVD movie to transfer it to your handheld devices, and so on. This article will guide you through the whole steps to achieve your purpose.

First you should download and install Easy Video Recorder for Mac to your Mac computer. This software will help you do the work.

When the Easy Video Recorder was installed, you will see an icon on the computer screen. Click the icon to launch it.

After launch the software, you will see the main window like the below screenshot:

Click the button "Options...", you will see the "Capture Settings" dialog. You may select compression codec, video quality, frame rate, width, height. You may change the parameters as you like.

Click the compression select drop-down list, you will see a list of codec, then you may select one from the list.

Click the "Settings..." button on main window, the sound settings dialog will be opened. You may select the audio compression codec, sample settings, source, volume, etc.

Click the compressor select drop-down list, you will see a list of audio compressor, then you may select one from the list.

From the "Sample" tabbed window, you may select Rate, Size (8 bits or 16 bits), and Channel (Mono or Stereo)

From the "Source" tabbed window, you may select audio streaming sources for recording.

You may set your own Stop/Start keys by click button "Stop/Start Keys..." The default key for start or stop recording is "Command + Option"

If you will record from a Camera, you may select Camera options from Fixed, Smooth Pan, Auto Pan, Scroll

After the above steps, you may click the "Set Folder..." button to select a folder as output location. Then you may click the "Set Region..." button to drag and select a rectangle region from computer screen.

Then click the "Record" button or press the record short key to start recording! Wait for the recording procedure to be completed, then press the stop short key to stop recording and find the video file located at the output folder you set.