How to Record Game Video on Mac ?

During the leisure time, a lot of people would choose to stay at home to play games; a variety of games will not only relax your mood, but also let you know some like-minded friends in the game. Nowadays, online games are basically providing the screenshot function; it can save some of the wonderful game pictures. Beside this, online games have some wonderful activities, such as siege warfare, kill BOSS, etc. If you try to use these pictures to express with words, it seems like not suitable at all. The best way is recording the games progress, and saves as a video file. This will not only look intuitive, but also convenient for you to share with your friends.

Easy Video Recorder for Mac is a professional Apple computer screen recording tool. If you use it, you can easily catch the game progress on the computer screen, and you also able to record some software progress during operation, network courseware, network television, movie, video chat, Flash animation and etc. You can record the entire screen, or by selecting the recording portion of the screen. The software has the ability to ensure long-term recording and fully synchronized sound function. It is simple to use and powerful, the preferred software for game video recording.

Next, Let's see how to use this excellent software to record a video game?

First: Download: "Easy Video Recorder for Mac" this software to your Mac.

Easy Video Recorder for Mac Download

Step 2: After the download is completed, follow its wizard-like installation steps to install the software on your Apple computer and start it, the following interface will appear:

Easy Video Recorder for Mac

Next, You can click on "Options" button which located at the top right corner, the following interface will appear, and you can make some screen settings as needed.

Easy Video Recorder for Mac

Step 3: You can choose to record the full screen, or adjust the setting of recording region at: "Capture Width" and "Capture Height", so it will not record the unnecessary parts. In addition, while we are performing the recording, we also able to perform some other computer operating task outside the regional area, both independently of each other. Meanwhile, you can also set up a variety of sounds inside "Record Audio" which on the right of "Settings"

Easy Video Recorder for Mac

Step 4: In the "Save Folder", choose your recording video target location. So that, after end of your recording, the video will automatically save in the pre-set address. Some other settings, you can refer to this PDF User Guide.

Finally, After the setup completed, open your game, click on the top: "Record", adjust the recording area and start the video recording. After the end of the recording, you able to output the video game for different file format, including: QuickTime, AVI, MP4, M4V, MOV, DV, 3GP, FLC, WAV and so on. Everyone can choose according to their own needs. Okay, so your video of game progress will complete in such easy way. Next, Let's see how to use this excellent software to record a video game? Just try it now.